Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Birth of Mr.B

Okay so prepare yourself for a long post with tons of pictures! 
(WARNING: These are birth photos, they aren't graphic but do show the whole process)

Wednesday, January 16th was the day that I was scheduled to be induced if Boyd hadn't decided to come on his own earlier.  Like his sister, he didn't decide to come any earlier, guess my kids like hanging out until forced out!  We were checked in and in our room and by 7am and I was started on Pitocin.   I started contractions and within a few hours was far enough along to get my epidural.  Like my labor with Gray my contractions never got too bad and once I had the epidural I was good to go! Also like my first labor I decided around noon to take a nap and try to get some rest. Jenny joked as she and Taylor left for lunch "call us if you are a ten in the next 30 minutes" because with Gray that is what happened. Around 12:15 I remember rolling to my side and starting feeling like my contractions felt different. I decided to call in our nurse (the GREATEST nurse ever I might add) and she confirmed that I was at a 10 and that she was going to call my OB and I need to call the girls to get back to the hospital. Around 12:45 Dr. Jarvis had arrived (after being called away from her lunch),  everyone else had made it back,  and we were ready to start pushing! Again, Like Gray I didn't have to push very long. Little man decided to beat his sister and was born at 1:01, G was born at 1:09.  Other than a little extra bleeding after birth, B and I were just fine.  He was amazingly cute and was already happy to be in his mom's arms, much like he is now. He weighed a whopping 7 lbs. and 13 oz. :)
Joey and I were so happy that our boy was here and that he was healthy and checked out perfectly! 
all we needed to do now was unite our family of four.  G was at home napping with Oompah and we decided to let her sleep and get situated in our new room.  Shortly after we got moved and had a few visitors, G finally arrived! Seeing her face when she finally got to meet her brother was the greatest moment of my life to date.  She was so happy and just wanted to hold him. She looked so proud to be a big sister and was so gentle and sweet with him.  B had "bought" G a Big Sister gift, and after she realized the wrapped gifts were for her, she was over her brother...oh well, the mind of a 2 and a half year old :)
Joey and I are beyond blessed to have our perfect family of 4 and couldn't imagine life any other way.  I know that G and B will have an amazing bond, one that I am happy to have with my own brother. I cant wait to watch them grow up together, loving and always protecting each other. 
Thank you B for making our family complete. Mommy, Daddy, and Gray love you more than you will ever know!

 Let the fun begin!

 Jenny made Boyd the sweetest little felt bear that is dressed as "Super Boyd"

 So grateful to always have his hand to hold
 My best friends are the greatest!

 Best Nurse EVER!
 And the pain sets in...

 Epidural time!!
 Waiting patiently
 Feeling so much better and even got a popsicle!
 All smiles with no pain!

 Keeping up with Facebook :)
 Sweet gifts for my little man
 Everything was ready for him
 Grammy had her dressed in her "Big Sister" outfit and off to school!

 My best friend and greatest support ever
 The time had come and we were ready to be our new guy
 The pushing began...

 and within 15 minutes he was here!
 My life changed forever when they handed me this little man

 He was perfect in every way

 Ten sweet little fingers
 Loving his mom

 He was NOT happy about this shot!
 Perfect size
 Ten tiny toes

 Happy now that he's wrapped up and warm
 Daddys new little buddy

 Meeting his Baba
 And his Grammy
 I was having some trouble with bleeding and wasn't able to hold him again for about an hour... it was awful! Luckily there were several people there willing to help out ;)
 He kept watching Tay as she took pics
 Meeting Aunt Jenny
 Snuggling Baba
 Finally I got to love on him!!
 I wanted to inspect and kiss every inch of him

 Hopefully he will always want to hold my hand
 Then daddy took him off for his first bath and to be checked out...
 he wasn't a fan!

 Daddy making sure everything was going okay
 Sweet little feet
 We finally got settled into our room right before a VERY special visitor came
 She knew right away who he was and didn't seem confused or concerned at all about his arrival

 She just kept saying how cute he was
 Getting to hold her little brother for the first time
 This was the greatest moment of the day!
 Our family of four

 "Boyd" bought Gray a new American doll to celebrate her becoming a big sister

 She was so excited!
 She loved her doll
 Oompah finally got to hold his first grandson

 Papa and Oompah
Grammy and Oompah 

What a wonderful day, one that I will never forget. I am so happy to have two wonderful, perfect, sweet, healthy, beautiful children. I don't know if we will have more children, but for now I am going to enjoy every moment with my daughter and my son. 
Thank you Dr. J for bring both my babies in to the world, Our amazing nurse, Melissa for taking such good care of me, my friends for being there to support me, my parents for being there and helping take care of G, my mother-in-law for being there even though she wasn't feeling that great,  Taylor for documenting this wonderful day and being so helpful all day, everyone that brought us dinner after, and most importantly to my amazing husband whom I could not have done any of this without. I know there are people I forgetting, so thank you everyone that helped us during this special time in our lives!